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How NetDocuments is addressing Modern Authentication to Exchange Online

Brian Podolsky

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In “OAuth? Oh Yes!“, we described what OAuth 2.0 (Modern Authentication) is and why Microsoft will start requiring it to access Exchange Online. We also explained that firms will have to start looking at their integrated services and ensuring they support OAuth 2.0.

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How to Eliminate Basic Authentication

For firms that have NetDocuments and the ndMail application talking to Exchange Online, the answer is pretty simple. In May, NetDocuments released the ability to reconfigure ndMail to leverage OAuth 2.0 instead of Basic Authentication. Instructions were posted to the online ndMail documentation, and the process would likely take about 5-10 minutes. During that time, ndMail email filing would not be functional, but the technology is designed to queue up requests and then processing messages once the service has been reconfigured. You may want to have administrative access to your Azure portal handy, in the event you need to perform any OAuth troubleshooting.

Updated ndMail configuration page with OAuth (Modern Authentication)

Performing these steps now will prepare your firm for when Microsoft cuts off access via Basic Authentication, and allow your ndMail email filing to continue uninterrupted.

Please note that currently, switching to OAuth requires the NetDocuments email address for each user to match their primary email address on their mailbox, and there may issues with Delegate Filing. We are told that NetDocuments is aware of these issues and working on a fix.


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