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Does your Cloud Management Gateway need to be converted?

Kevin Proctor

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If you deployed your Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) prior to ConfigMgr current branch 2006, then you or your provider would have used Cloud Services Classic (which was the only deployment method available). Beginning with ConfigMgr version 2010, the virtual machine scale set (VMSS) deployment method became available as a pre-release feature. Now with version 2107, the VMSS method is no longer pre-release. The Cloud Service (Classic) deployment method will be retired on 31 August 2024.

You may have received an email recently from Microsoft Azure indicating as much. Microsoft mentions that you may migrate your services deployed previously to Cloud Services (extended support). While that is an option, most of our clients that used Cloud Services (Classic) initially did so due to the prerequisites of their CMG deployments.

As clients have ended their Enterprise Agreements and started new Azure Cloud Service Provider (CSP) subscriptions they find out that they do not have access to Cloud Services (Classic).

Fortunately, the latest ConfigMgr current branch version 2107 has the feature to use VMSS as a deployment method for a CMG as well as a new convert feature to accommodate the move off classic for existing customers.

If you have a CMG, you may confirm which deployment model was used by reviewing your Cloud Management Gateway item in the Administration node of the console:

Once you have ConfigMgr version 2107 (get current, stay current) installed you will have an option to convert to VMSS. If you have not deployed your CMG yet make sure you, or your vendor, uses the virtual machine scale set as the deployment method.

Please reach out if you would like Kraft Kennedy to  assist with your transition or implementation of your Cloud Management Gateway.

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