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Citrix Vulnerability Digest

Jeff Silverman

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On April 12th, 2022 Citrix announced vulnerabilities for multiple products including StoreFront, Endpoint Management (XenMobile), Gateway Plug-In, and SD-WAN. Follow the links below for more information, including issue descriptions and severity, mitigating factors, affected versions, and recommended action.

1. Citrix StoreFront Security Bulletin: https://www.kraftkennedy.com/citrix-storefront-security-bulletin/
2. Citrix Gateway Plug-in for Windows Security Bulletin: https://www.kraftkennedy.com/citrix-gateway-plug-in-for-windows-security-bulletin/
3. Citrix Endpoint Management (XenMobile Server) Security Bulletin: https://www.kraftkennedy.com/citrix-endpoint-management-xenmobile-server-security-bulletin/
4. SD-WAN Security Bulletin:https://www.kraftkennedy.com/citrix-sd-wan-security-bulletin/

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