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Citrix Synergy 2017 Highlights

Jeff Silverman

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The Citrix Synergy 2017 conference in Orlando was bigger than ever, and as usual Kraft Kennedy sent a team of technical consultants to ensure we had the ground covered. Couldn’t make it? No worries. Here are the highlights…

Announcement Highlights

Citrix Workspace – A cloud-based service that provides a unified workspace to access all apps and data (not just Citrix resources).

Citrix Analytics Service – A cloud-based service that gathers and analyzes data across Citrix products, and provides insights to improve security, performance, and reliability.

XenApp and XenDesktop 7.14 – Building on improvements throughout the 7.x releases, XenApp and XenDesktop 7.14 include the Citrix Smart Tools agent, improvements to the Local Host Cache, Session Recording, and Director, and add support for multi-type licensing.

App Layering 4.2 – Following Citrix’s acquisition of Unidesk in January 2017 and rebranding in version 4.1, App Layering version 4.2 expands user persistence layers to Windows 10 in Labs (i.e. beta) and includes hypervisor integration and administrative improvements. Check out Kraft Kennedy’s webinar – Next-Gen Application and Desktop Delivery with Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop – for a Citrix Layering demo.

Workspace Environment Management 4.3 – Building on technology acquired from Norskale in September 2016, Workspace Environment Management 4.3 consolidates profile and resource management technologies to improve login and session performance.

XenDesktop Essentials, XenApp Essentials (previously released but highlighted at the conference) – XenDesktop Essentials enables Windows 10 Enterprise Current Branch for Business customers to host virtual desktops in Azure. XenApp Essentials effectively replaces Azure RemoteApp, allowing customers to quickly and securely deliver Windows applications.

NetScaler 12.0, NetScaler MAS 12.0 (previously released but highlighted at the conference) – The latest NetScaler version includes a slew of improvements including VMware vSphere 6.5 support, PCoIP support to enable NetScaler Gateway to provide secure access to VMware Horizon, and significantly improved handling of concurrent SSL connections. The Management & Analytics System (MAS) effectively replaces NetScaler Insight and Command Center, simplifies administrative tasks across multiple NetScaler appliances, and provides deep insight to identify and address performance and security issues.  

Session Highlights (available on demand via Synergy TV)

XenApp and XenDesktop

SYN103 – Citrix App Layering

SYN302 – Keys to a Successful XenApp and XenDesktop User Experience

SYN301 – XenApp and XenDesktop Tech Update (May 2017 Edition)

SYN303 – Independent Citrix Experts’ Deep Dive on Remote Graphics, User Experience, and GPUs

SYN104 – XenApp and XenDesktop: What’s New and Roadmap

Provisioning Services

SYN306 – Solving PVS Challenges with Simple Shell Scripts


SYN118 – What’s New with NetScaler ADC

SYN122 – What’s New with NetScaler Management and Analytics System

SYN119 – Load Balancing Microsoft Applications for Performance and Scalability

Citrix Cloud

SYN111 – What’s New with Citrix Cloud and What’s to Come

SYN134 – Citrix Workspace User Experience

SYN334 – XenApp Essentials: The Fastest Way to Deliver Apps from Azure

SYN101 – Conquering the Cloud Frontier: XenDesktop Essentials

SYN318 – A to Z: Best Practices for Delivering XenApp and XenDesktop from Microsoft Azure using Citrix Cloud


SYN317 – ShareFile: All You Need to Know about Authentication

SYN115 – Why Should I Use ShareFile If I Already Have Office 365?


SYN117 – XenMobile: What’s New and Roadmap

SYN319 – Securing Devices, Apps, and Data with XenMobile

SYN129 – How XenMobile Stacks up to Other Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions


SYN127 – Introducing Smart Tools

SYN713 – Achieving Secure XenApp and XenDesktop Environments with Smart Check


Watch experts Clint Gates and Jeff Silverman cover some of the latest Citrix developments in their webinar: Next-Gen Application and Desktop Delivery with Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop.