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Block These 2 Microsoft Patches to Prevent an Awful Bug

Brian Podolsky

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Recently, a couple of our support clients have reported issues with Microsoft Outlook 2010: Email attachments are lost or missing from sent emails, and content from one attachment is duplicated in another. We’ve also seen content from two attachments switch places with one another. Just imagine the unintended consequences of this when sending multiple finalized contracts or drafts for collaboration. The worst part is that this doesn’t throw an error message, so it may be occurring without the person realizing it.

Turns out, these issues are caused by two Outlook 2010 updates recently released by Microsoft:

  • Outlook 2010 update KB3055041 released by Microsoft on August 11
  • Outlook 2010 update KB3085522 released by Microsoft on September 8

We’ve seen issues with this manifest themselves with both iManage and Workshare. iManage’s customer forums included a link to this post on the Outlook Support Team Blog, which contains some additional information. We can only assume other third-party applications would encounter the same fate.

Microsoft recommends that customers uninstall these updates until a fix is available. Steps to uninstall are included in the KB links above. As a precaution, Kraft Kennedy has pro-actively blocked these two updates from installing at each client that we provide managed services for. We recommend you do the same for your firm.