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Auto Launching a Published Desktop from the Citrix Web Interface

Kraft Kennedy

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The Citrix Web Interface allows you to publish desktop applications as links on a web page.  If only one link is published, such as a “Windows 7 Desktop” link, then users will have to come into the web interface and manually click on the link to launch it.  It’s easy however, to update the code on the home page so that the published desktop automatically launches when the user opens the web interface.  This shortcut saves users a click and some time, and makes the process more streamlined, especially if there is only one published application.

To make this change, just log onto the Citrix server and open the following file:


That file is the home page of the Citrix web interface.  Add a script such as the following to the bottom of the page:

<script language=”javascript”>
document.getElementById(‘<LINK NAME>’).onclick();


Note, that you will have to look through the page source to find the name of the link to place in the above code.  All of the links also have the same class name, so it’s possible to write a custom javascript to loop through all of the elements with that class name and select only the appropriate one.  You could also loop through the class elements to see how many links are present, and select the first one if there’s one link, or do nothing if there’s more than one link.  There’s many possibilities for how you can code the javascript to meet your business need.