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Wyse Xenith “zero” client – Why we should care about this

Kraft Kennedy

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Wyse unveiled the “Xenith” thin client device last week at Synergy.  And unlike Wyse’s other thin client devices for Citrix that run Windows XPe or Windows CE, the “zero” client runs an ultra thin firmware (<5 Mb).  This thin firmware means the device boots up instantly and has minimal management.   A demo at Synergy last week showed the thing boot up in less than 5 seconds.  What else separates the Xenith from traditional thin client devices?   Full HDX support including HDX MediaStream (including Flash), HDX Plug-n-Play (USB redirection) and HDX RealTime (bi-directional audio). The expectation being that as Citrix upgrades and improves HDX features in the future, the Xenith’s firmware will be able to be upgraded to provide this support.  Firmware and asset management can be done through Wyse Device Manager and availability is expected in June with a price point at around $330.

The Xenith isn’t out yet, but seems very promising with HDX support, thin firmware, minimal management and an attractive price point.  If a firm is considering a VDI environment with XenDesktop in the next 6 months, the Wyse Xenith is definitely worth a look.