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Worldox GX2 Update and Adobe PDF Integration Changes

Brian Podolsky

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We recently ran into a scenario where a Firm was facing time out issues with PDF saving after an upgrade to the latest build of Worldox GX2.   The users were also prompted with an Error 1460.

After some communication with Worldox technical support, we found that integration is now leveraging a new method of integration for Adobe Acrobat.  Worldox GX2 no longer leverages the old Hook ini files, but rather an api file(s) that are located in the local workstation’s Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat plugins folder.

For users that have Adobe Reader 9.x

Verify that the two following files are present in C:Program FilesAdobeReader 9.0Readerplug_ins:  wdadobe.api and wdadobe2.api

If they are not, copy them over from the Worldox share on the server and restart the workstation and test.  For Reader, there is a new Worldox toolbar that is leveraged for Open and Save operations.

For users that have Adobe Acrobat Standard/Pro 9.x

Verify that the following file is present in C:Program FilesAdobeAcrobat 9.0Acrobatplug_ins:    wdadobe9.api

If it is not, copy it over from the Worldox share on the server and restart the workstation and test.   For Acrobat, the native File Open and File Save can be used to invoke Worldox.

These integration options are only available with GX2.  This integration should be more stable and cleaner than the previous Hook integrations, and falls more in line with how other third-party vendors integrate with Adobe products.