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WorkSite Indexer 8.5 SP3 and the new IndexableFlag

Brian Podolsky

2 min read

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With the release of WorkSite Indexer 8.5 SP3, Autonomy introduced a new configuration designed for customers with strict security or confidentiality concerns. The new setting allows you to mark a document as either indexable or not indexable, so you could control whether certain documents data gets indexed and saved onto the IDOL server. The IndexableFlag parameter in the Connector configuration is used to denote which column in the database is used for this setting, and the IndexableFlagValue determines what the value of that column should be in order to mark the document as Indexable.

It’s a nice feature to add, but the problem customers may face is that this is turned on bySearch default, and is pre-configured to use an existing column called COMINDEX with a value of N. COMINDEX was used back in the iManage 4.0/5.0 days to denote whether or not the Comments and Description of a document should be indexed (even though the rest of the full text would still be indexed). With Vivisimo indexes and IDOL indexes prior to 8.5 SP3, this column was ignored and all content was indexed. But now this column is relavant again, and the default settings of the Indexer 8.5 SP3 could have a big affect on your search environment.

Before you start building your new full text index, you will want to see how many documents have COMINDEX set to ‘Y’. This can be done with the following query:

select count(*) from mhgroup.docmaster where COMINDEX = ‘Y’

You should then run the following query to change these to ‘N’, so they all will be flagged as Indexable by IDOL. Note: Please run this query at your own risk on a test copy of your database to ensure no other issues arise.

update mhgroup.docmaster set COMINDEX = ‘N’ where COMINDEX = ‘Y’

If you have any specific document types or metadata that require their content to NOT be indexed, then set the COMINDEX value to ‘Y’ for those specific documents. This would need to be done on all iManage databases.

After all required indexable documents are set up properly, you can then start your full text build. Please note you can also change which column is used for the ReindexableFlag, but there are some disadvantages to changing this: 1) it would need to be some other boolean column is not being used for other purposes, and 2) your custom change would be overwritten if you ever re-deployed the configuration files from the Deploy Tool.