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Workshare Professional 7 Released

Brian Podolsky

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Workshare just announced the release of Workshare Professional 7.  A quick read through the press release notes that the installation process has been streamlined and is easier to deploy in the enterprise.  This is a welcome improvement, as previous versions required a PHD in Workshare to deploy properly.   Among the enhancements is a feature that is already present in the Workshare Point product for SharePoint.   From the press release:

Another significant new feature in version 7 provides automatic detection and comparison of changes when attachments are sent, modified and returned through email, alerting users directly in Outlook. By identifying changed documents and launching a comparison as modified documents arrive, Workshare Professional 7 improves efficiency, making document collaboration a more seamless process.

I think attorneys will love this feature as it saves clicks and steps.   Additional performance improvements have been made in the Workshare Protect meta-data removal module.  What’s more valuable than an attorney’s time?  Kraft Kennedy is a member of the Workshare Alliance Network.