WARNING… The Dangers of Using a VPN on a Home Computer

As firms gear up for an increase of users working from home, it is important to ensure that security protocols are in place. While remote access technologies, including virtual private network (VPN) capability, allow remote connection to firm resources, it is essential to understand that some remote access methods are laden with potential security risks. Allowing employees to run VPN software on a home computer for remote access is high risk with an undesirable attack vector, permitting access into your entire home computer. What are the dangers of using a VPN on a home computer? Consider the following:

Even with all of these dangers, some organizations have accepted the risk of VPN software on resources not being maintained by the business.  The initial decision to allow VPN software on home assets should be revisited, and businesses should consider other ways to allow remote access with lower risks:

Stay safe and please reach out if you would like additional IT security guidance!