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Vulnerabilities Alert: Citrix ADC, Gateway, and SD-WAN

Jeff Silverman

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Multiple vulnerabilities have been discovered in Citrix ADC (formerly known as NetScaler ADC), Citrix Gateway (formerly known as NetScaler Gateway), and Citrix SD-WAN WANOP Edition appliances. If exploited, the vulnerabilities could result in the following issues:

  • CVE-2020-8299 – Denial of service attack from the same Layer 2 network segment
  • CVE-2020-8300 – SAML authentication hijack via phishing attack to steal a valid user session

Mitigating Factors

  • CVE-2020-8299 – The attacking machine must be on the same Layer 2 network segment
  • CVE-2020-8300 – ADC or Gateway must be configured as a SAML SP or IdP

Affected versions

Recommended Action

More Information

You can read more about the issue here or reach out to our team if you would like professional assistance.