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Urgent Google Chrome Update Will Cause ndClick to Cease Functioning

Brian Podolsky

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Update to Urgent Google Chrome Release (April 20, 2022)

An update to the latest versions of ndClick or ndOffice (or alternatively blocking the Chrome 101 update) is not necessary by April 26, 2022. We still recommend updating to ndClick version 1.5.2 (version 1.4.1 for Mac users) or ndOffice 3.0 as soon as possible as the change will eventually happen.
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On April 26, 2022, there will be a Chrome version 101 release. This update will BREAK all ndClick 1.5.1 client applications.

NetDocuments customers have the following options:
  • Upgrade to ndOffice 3.0 as soon as possible (this version includes ndClick functionality, and supports Chrome 101. The standalone ndClick needs to be uninstalled when installing ndOffice 3.0.
  • Upgrade ndClick to 1.5.2, which was released on Friday, April 15.
  • Disable Chrome Auto-Updates until ndOffice 3.0 or the ndClick 1.5.2 can be fully deployed
From the NetDocuments Alerts Page

Google Chrome will be receiving an update on 26 April, 2022 which will cause ndClick for Windows version 1.5.1 (as well as ndClick for Mac 1.4) and all prior versions to cease functioning with the Google Chrome.

The update to Google Chrome, which will be version 101 of the browser, makes changes to how websites access local resources. In anticipation of this change, our development team has created a patch to support this change. Both the updated version of ndClick for Windows and ndClick for Mac are currently in beta. We anticipate the beta period for both to be concluded next week (The week of April 18th) before Chrome 101 goes live on April 26th. Follow our Announcements page to be notified when apps go to GA.

IMPORTANT: ndOffice 3.0 (for Windows users only), which combines the functionality of ndOffice and ndClick, will also support Google Chrome version 101. If users update to ndOffice 3.0, the ndClick application is no longer needed and users need not worry about updating ndClick. Click here to download ndOffice 3.0.

It is critical that users are updated to the latest version of ndClick or ndOffice 3.0 before users are updated to Chrome 101 or their usage of NetDocuments will be greatly interrupted.

If your organization needs more time to prepare for the upcoming ndClick update, we suggest blocking the Chrome 101 update via policy in your organization from Chrome Enterprise. Find more details here. While this option will allow users who are not on an updated version of ndClick to use NetDocuments as normal after April 26th, we still do recommend updating to the latest version of ndClick or ndOffice 3.0 as soon as possible.

Read from the NetDocuments website: https://netdocuments.force.com/NetDocumentsSupport/s/article/Google-Chrome-Version-101-Will-Cause-ndClick-versions-to-Cease-Functioning