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Update 1 for WorkSite Communication Server 8.5 SP1

Brian Podolsky

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Last week, Autonomy iManage quietly released Update 1 for the WCS for Exchange 8.5 SP1.   Service Pack 1, which was released earlier in the year, included many features that made the infrastructure and design of WCS more efficient.  Namely, the ability to connect a WCS to multiple Exchange mailbox servers.    This was a major issue with the initial release of WCS 8.5 for firms with distributed Exchange environments but a centralized DMS. It wasn’t even worth going down that road until WCS 8.5 SP1 was released.

Update 1 is more modest, with only one notable new feature and several stability enhancements to the Email Filing Service (EFS).   According to the release notes:

Email Filing Server allows clients to permanently delete e-mail messages from user mailboxes once filed in WorkSite.

Now, I’m not sure how many organizations are comfortable with any other product permanently deleting emails, but I guess if one is so inclined…    The bug fixes are all focused on the EFS module, and how it handles multiple threads and email duplication detection.

I am currently working on installing this into my lab, and I will be sure to share any bugs I uncover.  One quick thing to note is that it requires a full uninstallation and reinstallation.   This is not just an upgrade, so keep that in mind.