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The New ECM: Efficient Content Management

Brian Podolsky

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When CIOs or IT Directors hear the phrase “ECM Initiative”, I’m sure some recoil at the thought of a huge financial investment.  Let’s face it, enterprise applications for the Legal industry aren’t cheap, and there aren’t many consulting firms that truly understand them.  Adding one or two components can eat away at your overall IT budget.

However, another way to interpret ECM is as Efficient Content Management.  As illustrated in the graphic below, through actions that range from small to large, there are a number of ways a firm can ensure it is providing the best Enterprise Content Management system to its employees.

The New ECM: Efficient Content Management

Within the Document Management System, are you taking advantage of free features that save time when saving and retrieving content, such as My Matters subscriptions and categories within iManage?  Is your PDF creation tool integrated well with your DMS, saving precious clicks when potentially working with hundreds of documents per day?

I’ll be at ILTA 2012 and speaking in the Presidential Boardroom on Wednesday, August 29th at 10am about this and other items.  For a full list of our sessions and to register.

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