24 Jul

Is the Cloud Safe for Law Firms?

Reprinted with permission from: New York State Bar Association Journal, May 2018, published by the New York State Bar Association, One Elk Street, Albany, NY 12207. Authored by Nina Lukina of Kraft Kennedy. Addressing common concerns about privacy, compliance, and connectivity Cloud computing has been gaining momentum for about a decade. Today many law firms Read more…

25 Apr

Backing Up The Cloud with The Cloud

Many firms put a lot of focus and effort into protecting and backing up their on-premise data. They know exactly what data is backed up, how often it gets backed up, and how long the backups are retained. With Cloud based backup solutions, offsite backups over the Internet have become much easier. Tape backup has largely become Read more…

02 May

Azure Stack – Better Than the Real Thing?

The Security of Identity Synchronization to Azure Active Directory

“Hybrid cloud” is a term that has been tossed around for almost as long as cloud computing has been a viable option for enterprises. But while hybrid cloud has been championed as the answer to anyone afraid of going all in with the cloud, it has been somewhat of a unicorn. Until now, Hybrid cloud Read more…

06 Jul

Ask KK: Is Office365 Right for us?

Welcome to Kraft Kennedy’s advice forum, in which we answer your pressing IT questions. Submit your question in the comments below or email us at info@kraftkennedy.com We are a small law firm with one office and outsourced IT. Is Office 365 right for us? Office 365 is the right choice for some firms. The pros Read more…

29 Apr

Identity Synchronization to Azure Active Directory – Is It Secret? Is It Safe?

The Security of Identity Synchronization to Azure Active Directory

The Security of Identity Synchronization to Azure Active Directory One of the biggest concerns many businesses have when it comes to expanding to the cloud is, rightfully so, security. And while there are many components to cloud security, one that gets more than its share of scrutiny is identity and password synchronization. On the surface, Read more…

07 Dec

Above the Clouds

Everyone prefers to fly on a sunny day.  It’s nice being able to see the roads and cars quickly transform into lines and dots below as soon as you take off. Eventually, urban areas become grids of pavement and architecture, and rural areas grids of farmlands. There’s a recognizable pattern, and that is comforting. You may not be in direct Read more…