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Productivity Restored

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Experiencing damaged connections caused by a construction mishap, a West Coast law firm contacted Kraft Kennedy to provide a quick solution.


Productivity Restored

A major metropolitan area law firm’s IT infrastructure experienced several tumultuous days recently. Fortunately, this largely escaped the notice of its 140 users, who kept working without disruption as the IT team and Kraft Kennedy’s Support Practice Group, which the firm had recently contracted, worked to restore damaged connections.

Kraft Kennedy support engineers uncovered corruption in the firm’s firewall. They alerted the internal IT staff, who repaired it through the night and the next day, only to discover that an even more alarming problem had materialized while they were working. At the start of the following workday, a neighborhood construction incident cut hundreds of strands of fiber, including the firm’s primary WAN connection from the main office to its colocation facility. While IT worked to mitigate the damage, another unrelated construction incident cut several hundred more fibers, taking out the primary internet line for the firm.

At this point, both the primary and secondary means of connection had been severed and the firm was unable to readily connect from its office to its applications in the colocation facility. With no internet connection and no applications, most of the firm would have been unable to work in the office.

As an interim solution, working with the firm’s IT team, Kraft Kennedy re-purposed the firm’s guest Wi-Fi cable internet line. While the secondary line was not sized to support the functions of the whole office, people were able to get online and keep working that day.

Fortunately, the carriers were able to repair the fiber cuts for the WAN as the week drew to a close and the office was able to operate normally going forward.

Kraft Kennedy is now assisting the firm with a network re-architecturing to make it more resilient to even such rare events.