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Office Relocation

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It is difficult to judge how much to invest in precautions against events that, though they might never happen, would be disastrous if they did.

Office Relocation 

A thirty-person, New York-based organization with a limited budget was preparing to move offices. Looking at its plan, Kraft Kennedy found that it was facing an extremely high level of risk by doing so in its current state. Much of the company’s eight- to ten-year-old equipment was out of warranty, so vendors would not have been able to provide timely or inexpensive solutions for any problems that might arise. Its data and applications were not backed up, so it was in danger of losing troves of its intellectual property.

Regardless of a company’s existing technology, office moves entail countless exigencies and unpredictable factors. In this case, there was no guarantee that a system would be readily recoverable, or recoverable at all, if it were to fail during the move. While paying due consideration to the firm’s budgetary constraints, Kraft Kennedy advised that such a scenario would lead to an unacceptable loss of time and profit.

The client delayed its move by three weeks while Kraft Kennedy prepared its infrastructure to be transferred to the new site. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery experts in the Managed Services group assessed the technical environment and decided to install Datto. In the team’s experience, the technology provides smaller firms with the kind of backup options that traditionally have been cost prohibitive to all but the largest firms.

The precautions proved necessary. During the unpacking phase of the move, a piece of hardware responsible for 80% of the company’s servers experienced a motherboard malfunction and would not come back online. It was out of warranty. Restoring it would have been expensive and time consuming—the company would have been without access to its email and documents for days. Its business would have been frozen.

The hardware failure, it turned out, was not trivial. Rather than performing a conventional restoration, the team worked through the night to bring the client’s systems online on their Datto appliance so that the client’s employees could resume their work the next morning, almost on schedule. The company had planned to be operational by that evening. Thanks to emergency action and foresight by Kraft Kennedy’s consultants, its employees resumed work the following morning.

In its new office, this small company is back at work and more secure than it was before. The backup system that Kraft Kennedy implemented will serve the client long beyond its office move.