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Simple fix for an eDOCS DM 5.2 client performance issue

Brian Podolsky

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For those of you keeping up to date with your Open Text eDOCS DM environment, you may have experienced the following issue with version 5.2.1 CU3 (and possibly other versions).   When using DM Extensions, the new Save User Interface built into DM 5.2 may take up to 20 seconds or longer to render, causing annoying delays when saving documents.

Open Text recently posted a simple resolution for this issue.  From the Open Text Knowledge Base:

This issue can be resolved by moving two files on the client computer.

1. Navigate to the following folder:


2. Move the following two files from the above folder to a safe storage location; do not delete the files as they may be needed for future logging or troubleshooting purposes:


3. Restart DM Extensions.

DM 5.2.1 CU4 was recently released, and this particular issue is not listed in the Fixed Issues documentation.  We’ll see if a future update resolves the issue entirely, but the steps above can be a simple way to immediatley improve performance if you are seeing this behavior.

For customers and partners, the Open Text Knowledge Base and software downloads can be accessed here.