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See what Kraft Kennedy has in store at ILTA 2011!

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Kraft Kennedy is going to once again have a very large presence at the ILTA conference this year. We have three Kraft Kennedy consultants speaking on a range of topics from Exchange 2010 to application virtualization. We’ll have fourteen Kraft Kennedy consultants, CIOs, and lawyers in our booth ready to answer questions or provide guidance on all aspects of legal technology. And don’t forget about our yearly Golf Tournament where you’ll have a chance to win this year’s hot sports car!

This year we’re going to add something extra – private presentations from some of our experts on topics of interest to CIOs. These free, 30 minute presentation + Q/A sessions will be held in Kraft Kennedy’s private meeting room Ryman Studio I. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss Exchange with Microsoft Certified Master Joe Hoegler, talk about Application Virtualization with Kraft Kennedy Practice Leader Chris Owens, and more!

We’ve also made it easy to register to attend one of these presentations – simply click on one of the custom links next to each session date/time and it will create a pre-populated email to send to us. All you need to do is click Send!

We’re virtually there: How Application Virtualization Aids Deployments

We’re virtually there! Law firms have a number of options for managing application delivery to the end user. What’s the best way to manage application deployment in both the remote access and office environments? Is there a way IT can use one application package for both environments despite the many inherent differences? Join Kraft Kennedy as we explore current application streaming and virtualization options, also limitations and compatibility with current operating system deployments. We’ll discuss the advantages of moving to an application virtualization technology while comparing the major vendors in this area: Citrix Application Streaming, VMware ThinApp and Microsoft App-V.

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Microsoft Exchange 2010 for Law Firms

The current version of Microsoft’s enterprise messaging platform offers many benefits specific to law firms. A native e-mail archiving platform, discovery and compliance features, improved and simplified high availability and disaster recovery capabilities, and an additional reduction in the I/O requirements make Exchange 2010 an attractive, better-performing messaging platform. These exciting changes make Exchange 2010 a robust and flexible option for firms of all sizes but will require very careful planning to ensure a successful deployment and seamless transition. We will help you understand the specifics of these new features and maximize your investment in Microsoft Exchange

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SharePoint as a Legal Marketing Platform

Kraft Kennedy (in partnership with Lexis and Microsoft) will be introducing at ILTA the new SharePoint Legal Marketing Suite, to help firms improve their ability to build new clients through effective marketing programs. Kraft Kennedy’s new release helps Law Firm Marketing Departments manage key marketing content, proposal generation, and internet site content management.

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Cloud Computing and Why CIOs Should Pay Attention

Join us to discuss Cloud Computing as we try to unravel what it is and what it is not. We will discuss the following topics:

    • Is it just marketing hype?

    • Is it ready for prime-time?

    • Will it save my firm money?

    • What should we be doing to get ready for the cloud?

    • When the managing partner says “Let’s go to the cloud”, how do I respond?

    • Will Office 365, BPOS work at my firm?

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Selling Your Vision — Strategic Budgeting and Planning

Join us to discuss how you should develop a strategic technology plan for your firm.

    • How do you understand the direction the firm is going?

    • Are we making the lawyers more productive?

    • Are we improving client service and the bottom line?

    • How do you sell your plan to management?

    • What do you need to include in your plan?

    • How do you market the plan to the rest of the firm?

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What are the top technology issues confronting law firm CIOs in 2011?

Join us to discuss some of the top technology issues that law firm CIOs are looking to address in 2011, including:

    • Adoption: delivering technology that is actually used to increase lawyer productivity and client service.

    • Consumerization of Technology: responding to the ever-increasing demands generated by home use and the extensive technology experiences and biases of lawyers

    • Data management: managing the exponential increases in data storage requirements, largely due to explosions in emails and attached files, and e-discovery requirements

    • Mobility: achieving true device/platform independence (any computer) with ubiquitous access (anywhere, any time);

    • Security: implementing and managing increasing security requirements being imposed by statute, regulation, and clients; maintaining all systems at current levels (patched) including centralized and end-user devices, all without downtime

    • User Interface: simplifying the environment, or at least that portion directly supported by firm staff, in terms of numbers of applications and complexity of infrastructure.

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Windows 7/Office 2010/SCCM 2012 – What’s New

Join us for real world, proven approaches to Windows 7 and Office 2010 Deployment with a special focus on what’s next with the impending releases of the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2012 and the highly anticipated Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012. The following topics will be discussed:

    • Modular Deployment Methodology

    • Single Image (Hardware-Agnostic)

    • PXE-based Image Deployment

    • Local Users vs. Local Admins

    • Packaging of Applications

    • Group Policy Preferences (GPP)

    • Profile Management

    • Consideration of Remote Access

    • Application Vault

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