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New in NetDocuments: What Are Dynamic Attributes and Collabspaces?

Tim Pezella

2 min read

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NetDocuments has some relatively new features that are starting to gain traction among firms. Though they are extremely helpful, they managed to fly under the radar when they were released. Your firm should consider two new features in particular: Dynamic Attributes and Collabspaces.

What are Dynamic Attributes?

They are profile attributes that will stay hidden until the content of another profile field displays certain criteria.

For example, let’s say we have a profile attribute called “Doc Type.” While uploading a document, we want to profile it as the “Email” Doc Type. We also want to know if this is an “Internal” email or an “External” email, but such a field wouldn’t apply to other Doc Types. With dynamic attributes, when the “Email” Doc Type is selected, a hidden field box can appear allowing the user to select either “Internal” or “External.”

Why should I use Dynamic Attributes and where can I find more information?

Dynamic Attributes are great to make fields look more organized and display fewer unnecessary fields on the screen when profiling a document. This leads to less confusion for the end-user. We also tested and confirmed that it is possible to populate Dynamic Attributes on import if needed.

As of right now, there is no information on this on the NetDocuments support site. If your firm would like more information regarding Dynamic Attributes, please reach out to our team.

What are Collabspaces?

Collabspaces are the easy way of sharing and collaborating on documents stored in NetDocuments. Collabspaces allow you to share documents with people both internally and externally in a very secure way.

Why should I use Collabspaces?

Collabspaces are a great, user-friendly way to keep documents you would like to share within the secure environment of NetDocuments. It’s as simple as moving or copying a document, or even dragging it right into the Collabspace!

What will happen to my ShareSpaces?

Enabling Collabspaces will have no impact on existing ShareSpaces if they remain enabled. There is, however, an option to disallow the creation of new ShareSpaces, which we recommend to avoid confusion among users.

Both Dynamic Attributes and Collabspaces must be enabled by NetDocuments. In order to do this, reach out to your NetDocuments representative or to us here at Kraft Kennedy and we will be happy to help enable and configure these new features.