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Microsoft Deprecating Older Versions of Remote PowerShell

Dan Paquette & Eduardo Tactuk

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Microsoft Deprecating Older Versions of Remote PowerShell

Microsoft is taking additional steps to discontinue the use of basic authentication in Exchange Online. The affected protocols include Remote PowerShell (RPS) endpoint that serves v1 and v2 of the ExchangeOnlineManagement PowerShell module.

The newest version (3.0.0), has been revamped to use REST API calls, like those used by MS Graph.  Exchange Online’s REST API is secured with Modern Authentication and will be accessible in instances where the need for Exchange Online PowerShell arises in the future.

Introducing upgrades to the PowerShell module while running scripting resources developed in prior versions can, in some instances, cause challenges, but we do not anticipate any disruption for our clients. We recommend keeping an eye out for any errata during the first instances where you are running previously developed scripting, but we have been comfortable making the change internally where the change has been seamless, and in our client environments who benefit from our experience and have also had uneventful upgrades.

January 2023 marks the depreciation of Exchange Online PowerShell v1 by Microsoft. The v2 iteration will be fully deprecated and disabled by July 1, 2023.

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