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Manage EqualLogic SANs directly from the vSphere Client

Kraft Kennedy

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Quite a while back I saw that Eric Sloof had figured out how to add his Twitter feed directly into the VI Client.  I thought it was clever but didn’t really give it much more thought than that.

Today I decided to take that concept and extend it to systems that you might manage alongside your VI3/vSphere environment.  Storage management seemed like the obvious first choice.

I created an XML file called EqualLogic.xml in C:Program FilesVMwareInfrastructureVirtual Infrastructure ClientPluginsSAN Management.  The contents of the file are as follows (you would replace the <url> section with the IP or DNS name of your SAN):

<scriptConfiguration version=”1.0.0″>
<description>EqualLogic SAN Management</description>
<view parent=”Inventory.HostSystem”>
<title locale=”en”>EqualLogic</title>

This gave me a nice way to manage my SAN from the same interface that I use to manage my vSphere environment.  It is simply opening a browser window within the vSphere Client and letting me manage the SAN.

EqualLogic Management

The code above will make the EqualLogic tab visible only when clicking on an ESX/ESXi host.  If you wanted to extend that to other objects, you can simply adjust the “<view parent=” section.  For example, to also make this available at the cluster level you would include the following:

<view parent=”Inventory.Cluster”>
<title locale=”en”>EqualLogic</title>

Similarly you could add Inventory.Global, Inventory.VirtualMachine, Inventory.Datacenter, etc.

This is a really simple way to make it easy to manage any web interface (not just EqualLogic) from within the vSphere/VI Client.  It’s not a new trick and has been out there for a while but I had never used it for this until today.