KKU New York Recap

Kraft Kennedy University New York has left us excitedly looking forward to what enterprise technology will bring in the next year. As we gathered with tech and business leaders to talk tech, a few predominant themes emerged.

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The i
mplications of the shift of business technology to the cloud were at the top of attendees’ minds. Cloud concerns were present in the questions our experts received at the combined Q&A panel / happy hour, as well as during the sessions and informal chats throughout the day. The day’s agenda reflected the momentous change taking place in technology with titles like “Windows 10 Upgrade Cycle: Stepping Off the Treadmill,” “Reach for the Sky: Planning Your Cloud Strategy,” and several other cloud-centric titled sessions led by early implementers of cloud systems. 

IT Strategy
The subject of licensing, now more perplexing than ever thanks to the arrival of subscription options, also garnered a good deal of discussion. Attendees left with more confidence about navigating the byzantine set of licensing choices facing their businesses, and were also able to get their questions about cloud contracts and effective budgeting answered by the engineers and business strategists who have been there and seen it all.

Security also got its due with sessions that outlined the critical steps for securing your network, cost-effective ways to achieve top-tier security, and the security features included in the security-conscious Windows 10 operating system.

Knowledge Management and Collaboration
Organizations are seeking ways to use their data intelligently while promoting collaboration. The topics of data management, analytics, and collaboration received some buzz at sessions like “Moving to an Intelligent Workplace” and “Happy Birthday Microsoft Teams!”

For more details on what we talked about at the Microsoft Technology Center, download some of our presentations here. Interested in enrolling in the next KKU? Request registration here.