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Issue Transitioning to iManage 8.5 Update 4 from iManage 8.2

Brian Podolsky

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I recently performed an upgrade from iManage 8.2 to iManage 8.5 Update 4.    Update 4 was released on January 14th and resolves several issues regarding service stability and wildcard searching.  It adds support for the new WorkSite FileShare, iManage Workflow Manager, and iManage Digital Safe.  I plan on blogging about these modules soon, so keep an eye out for that.

But the real reason for this post is that Update 4 sets the database schema version as 8.51 (all previous releases of 8.5 had set the schema version as 8.50).  This value is listed as the MHVERNUM column in the MHGROUP.VERINFO table of the WorkSite database.   For those of you looking to migrate from an environment with WorkSite Indexer 8.2 SP1 P2 (Verity), there is a compatibility problem with this change.   Although Indexer 8.2 SP1 P2 was released in order to support iManage 8.5 servers for a transitional period, the 8.2 Indexer services fail to start when the database has been upgraded to the 8.5 Update 4 schema.   Autonomy’s workaround for now is to modify the MHVERNUM value and set it to 8.50.  This can be done by executing the following SQL query:


This will allow the Index services to start, but will cause problems launching the iManage Database Administration (DBAdmin) program.   In order to get that to launch, I had to change the MHVERNUM back to ‘8.51’.    Autonomy has informed me that they plan on releasing a fix to the 8.2 Indexer executable “very soon”.    Just something to be aware of when setting up a transition environment from 8.2 to 8.5.  You will want to stick with 8.5 Update 3 until the patch for the 8.2 Indexer is released.