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What’s next in virtualization? Which companies hold the blueprints for innovative document management? Exchange on-premises or online?

Attendees of Kraft Kennedy University will learn the answers to these pressing questions and more on October 26 at the Microsoft Technology Center in Times Square. Request a spot for the chance to gain invaluable insight into protecting your law firm and supporting its success in 2018 and beyond.

KKU will be a forum focused on the unique challenges facing legal IT today and tomorrow. Jeff Silverman, virtualization expert, will discuss next-generation virtualized desktop. Joe Hoegler, famed Microsoft Master, will delve into the intricacies of modern Microsoft Exchange in law firms. Other fascinating courses will address security breach response, Azure as a data center, and Project Management as a Service.

We get the same questions from many firm leaders. What’s next after checking the boxes and dousing the fires? How can IT “sit at the table”? The solution lies in both business and IT, and KKU is dedicated to helping leaders from both sides proactively prepare for the future. The schedule is designed to offer attendees the chance to learn from industry technology experts as well as from fellow C-level leaders and managing partners during scheduled networking breaks.

Kraft Kennedy’s teams possess an exceptionally deep understanding of their respective technologies thanks to a law firm-like division into practice groups. Course instructors have honed their knowledge over the course of perfecting their designs at hundreds of law firms, non-profits, financial firms and other businesses. They’ve combined theory with implementation for a powerful combination.

KKU was born out of an annual company-wide educational conference that we’ve held for twenty years. Realizing the immense value we receive from the event, we decided that it would be highly beneficial to our clients. Today we are thrilled to extend the unique opportunity to attend and participate.