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An Inside Look at Tech Day, a Kraft Kennedy Conference

Dan Paquette

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Last week Kraft Kennedy employees across the U.S. and U.K. gathered in-person and remotely at sessions with titles such as:

  • Escape the Room: Breaking Out of Citrix Sessions
  • Modern Perimeter Security and Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Stoicism and Consulting: Ancient Philosophy For Modern Times
  • Microsoft Azure – Get Your Head in the Cloud
  • Microsoft Dynamics, Analytics and BI
  • NetDocuments Tips & Tricks
  • Understanding CPU Machine Code using Video Games
  • If You Were Starting a Mid Sized Firm…
  • Matter Center and the ECM Landscape for 2016
  • An Hour of Xen

Tech Day, a long-standing tradition, is a yearly summit at Kraft Kennedy’s New York headquarters. The most recent, our fortieth, was the first to include people from other organizations. Clients and associates joined us for a full day that also included the notoriously difficult Tech Day game and an informal happy hour. We learned a lot and we caught up with each other, bouncing ideas over great food and drinks. (Tech Day menu, to which we at Kraft Kennedy look forward to for months, takes full advantage of New York’s wealth of culinary options).

Recognizing that Tech Day is a wellspring of inspiration and connection across offices and disciplines, we decided to extend the welcome this year and try a “beta” version of a cross-organization Tech Day. It went well, so be on the lookout for the conference in the future.

The event provides a venue for the whole Kraft Kennedy team to review the previous year and prepare for the one ahead. “Tech” is of course a broad term, and our sessions do cover a range of topics. A Tech Day committee fields pitches for sessions from Kraft Kennedy members, selecting 25 that span a range of topics from technology and business to productivity and personal wellbeing (biohacking anyone?). We are lucky to count among our colleagues leading experts in desktop and infrastructure technologies, security, and project management who share their knowledge, thoughts, and predictions with us every year.

A big thank you to all those who shared their knowledge in sessions and to the team who worked hard to organize this year’s Tech Day. Looking forward to the next one!