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iManage 8.5 Update 2 (All Languages) Release: Stable and Able

Brian Podolsky

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Recently, Kraft Kennedy became one of the first integrators in the industry to complete an implementation of iManage 8.5 GA in production at a law firm.   This particular firm is taking advantage of the predictive Email Filing and Email Management capabilities of FileSite 8.5 GA and the WorkSite Communication Server 8.5 GA, complete with OffSite for offline access and the iManage 8.5 IDOL Indexer handling search requests.

After the initial roll-out of the GA release, there were several issues that appeared, and were confirmed with Autonomy iManage technical support.  The first issue involved security inheritance, and manifested itself when saving documents into folders with specific users or groups added to the permission ACLs.   In these instances, the document would simply inherit the default security of the folder (Public, View, Private), ignoring any additional ACLs.  The second issue regarded Outlook stability, where toggling between a WDS-integrated Outlook search and the Inbox would result in a crash of Outlook.  This crash was fairly common, since users tend to search their mail items daily.   The third issue was more cosmetic, but annoying nonetheless.  When disregarding a draft email, the message remained in the Drafts folder of Outlook.  Again, not earth-shattering, but annoying to have to see Drafts (15) in your mailbox after a few days.

In the past couple weeks, Autonomy has released WorkSite Server 8.5 Update 2, along with the FileSite/DeskSite/OffSite/EMM 8.5 All Languages release  (you will know if you are running the All Languages release of the iManage client software because the build number will be 8.5.200.x).     We are happy to report that this back-end and client update neatly addresses and resolves all three of these issues, in addition to several others.    Outlook is more stable, and there is no longer any issues with security inheritance.   If anyone is hesitant about moving to iManage 8.5, rest assured that the latest release appears to be stable and functions as advertised.

For those with access, more information on these updates can be found in the WorkSite 8.5 Resource Center at the iManage technical support web site.