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iManage 8.5 SP2 Printing Issue and Workaround

Brian Podolsky

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In working with iManage 8.5 SP2 Update 2 and Update 2a, we’ve identified a bug when printing page ranges with Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2010.  The problem is that if a user goes to File –> Print, and chooses a Print Range (a single page, or “Pages 2-4”, for example), the ENTIRE document will print.  This is REALLY annoying (and wasteful) for documents that can have 100s of pages.

This bug is fixed in the next update to FileSite and DeskSite, which is currently in field test.   However, if you are plagued by this, there is a workaround for now.  It involves disabling the iManage Print Logging.  This means that if documents are printed, the Document History iManage will NOT be updated with a Print Activity.  This can affect firms that track printing for cost-recovery purposes.   But this will allow users to print an individual page of a Word 2010 document successfully.    So you probably save more money on saved paper than the cost-recovery of that one page you needed to print.

The workaround is adding three registry keys.  The keys below assume a 64-bit version of Windows 7:

[HKLMSoftwareWow6432NodeInterwovenWorkSite8.0 IntegrationOptions]

If enabling this workaround, remember to remove these keys after deploying and testing the next client version in order to re-enable print logging.