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A Helpful Flowchart and Explanation of Windows 10 Licensing

Yau-Kwan Yeung

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Windows 10 licensing can be confusing. Below is a flowchart that explains how to get to Windows 10 Enterprise Edition from any other version of Windows or major operating system.

It has been over a year since the release of Microsoft Windows 10. Typically our clients wait until the release of Service Pack 1, and this upgrade is no exception. With the release of Windows 10 Anniversary Edition in August, we’ve seen a surge of clients ready to move to Windows 10 to and take advantage of its new features, such as Cortana, Windows Hello, and various security enhancements.

If you are still on the fence about Software Assurance and its many benefits, including free upgrade to the latest versions of Microsoft software, this flow chart will help you make up your mind. We’ve also seen an increase in frequency of software releases, meaning that Software Assurance is now even more valuable.