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Error: Citrix Profile Management Driver Could Not Be Loaded

Jeff Silverman

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I came across a puzzling issue in Citrix Profile Management. The following error message appeared in the Windows Event Log: 

The Citrix Profile Management driver could not be loaded. Processing cannot continue. The user will be given a temporary profile.  Cause: The Citrix Profile Management Service on this computer could not connect to the driver while processing a user logon.  Action: Restart the machine. If the problem persists, uninstall and reinstall Citrix Profile management. 

I’d installed the XenApp Virtual Delivery Agent (“VDA”) version 7.11, which includes Citrix Profile Management version 5.5, in a Windows 2008 R2 virtual machine. I ran Windows updates , created a Machine Catalog and Delivery Group, and tested access before seeing the error above.

An internet search pointed to a change in the Profile Management driver signature, which now uses SHA-256 as per Microsoft’s recommendation. As I had, however, installed the VDA prior to running Windows updates, Windows did not yet support the new signature.

The solution was simply to uninstall then reinstall the VDA after Windows was fully patched.

Keep an eye out for this and be sure to always start with a fully patched VDA.

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