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eDOCS DM Goes 64-bit

Brian Podolsky

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Late last week, OpenText leapfrogged the other major three-tier DMS vendors with the release of eDOCS DM 5.3.1.

The big news, championed in the tweet above:  a 64-bit client compatible with Office 2010 64-bit.  Now, I’m sure the average attorney will never take true advantage of a 64-bit version of Microsoft Word. However, the spreadsheet masters out there may welcome Excel 2010 64-bit.  In the past, these needs required there to be machines that were outside of the DMS, requiring their own dedicated backup and retention policies.  Not anymore!   Granted, there are likely other third party add-ins that would need to be compatible, but at least the option is now there to use a DMS with Office 64-bit.

The other main new feature I see in DM 5.3.1 is the ability to use HTTP/HTTPS for client/server communication.  This could provide laptop users with Outlook Anywhere-type functionality for their DMS as they travel.   Autonomy introduced the same communication protocol with their iManage 9.0 product suite, and it’s great to see OpenText follow suit here.

I’m looking forward to looking more at these features, and discussing them with clients and partners alike at the Tri-State area eDOCS & Legal Solutions Day event in New York City on June 21, 2012. If you’d like to attend this event with me, you can register on OpenText’s web site.