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ECM Acquisition Rumors: Christmas in December!

Brian Podolsky

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Rumors are flying that Microsoft and Oracle may get into a bidding war to acquire Autonomy.   This could be huge, if true.  However, it may only be half true, as Matt Rosoff reports that Microsoft has plenty of reasons to not pursue Autonomy.   Oracle, however, could be a good fit with it’s penchant for acquisitions lately.   And let’s not forget that it was only a few months ago that rumors were swirling that Autonomy may acquire Open Text.

We don’t know where this is going, but if any of these were to actually happen, it could be huge in the ECM space.    If Microsoft acquires Autonomy, which would die — FAST or IDOL?   If Oracle acquires Autonomy, will I have to become more knowledgeable of Oracle SQL server/database infrastructure?  If Autonomy acquires Open Text, will they take advantage of a near monopoly on the DMS legal vertical?

What do you think?