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Never Miss Another Court Date with eDockets

Tim Pezella

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Everyone knows how full an attorney’s calendar can be. While there may be no helping that, a new solution aims to take some of the stress out of everyday scheduling. American LegalNet, also known as ALN Corp, has introduced a one-of-a-kind docketing and calendaring tool called eDockets.

eDockets was presented in late August 2019 at ILTACON, where it caught the attention of many, including our very own DMS expert, Brian Podolsky, who said, “The eDockets solution from American LegalNet, for instance, looked intriguing… It will be interesting to see how this develops and can interact with the primary legal DMS solutions in the market. I’ve had several clients who are implementing DMS solutions ask me about calendaring and docketing capabilities.”

What is Docketing?

Docketing refers to the system that manages cases or suits that are pending a hearing. This process can take a long time and court dates become difficult to track as the list grows longer. According to ABA data on American LegalNets’ website, missed deadlines and calendaring errors are responsible for 38% of malpractice suits against leading law firms.

What is eDockets?

eDockets is a docketing and calendaring platform to enhance everyday workflow efficiency at law firms. eDockets will automatically populate attorneys’ Outlook calendars with critical court dates so they never miss another deadline.

What makes eDockets different?

eDockets eliminates the need for multiple docketing systems by consolidating docketing systems and databases into one platform. American LegalNet’s on-staff attorneys maintain the court rules set within the platform, which eliminates the need to rely on other third-party rules.

eDockets, PACER, and your Document Management System

PACER, or Public Access to Court Electronic Records, is a service that provides access to court records nationwide. American LegalNet partners with various top DMS suppliers such as NetDocuments, OpenText, and iManage. eDockets integrates with these systems by filing notifications from PACER into your firm’s DMS. This can allow firms to save more than 70%, or about $100,000 annually, of their current PACER fees.

American LegalNet also gives the option to schedule a demo. To see this tool in action click here.