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Critical iManage Patch Released for Security Vulnerability

Brian Podolsky

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iManage released a critical update today with a fix for an iManage Work Server security vulnerability.

We are recommending that firms apply the patch installer on all iManage on-premises environments with Work Servers running 9.5 R2 through 10.1.3. Environments currently running 10.2.0 will need to upgrade to a new build ( This new build will ensure that future installations will include the fix.

Patching is a basic defense against hackers. An estimated 90% of data breaches occur due to security holes that have not been patched. Disheartening stories in the news show this again and again.

Have questions about applying the iManage patch? Get in touch with us.

The iManage advisory further states that the company will not disclose what the vulnerability is exactly until all customers are patched. This makes sense in light of something we’ve written about before called the “hacker roadmap concept.”

Read the advisory and download the update here.