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Conflict with iManage client-side email filing and Summation

Brian Podolsky

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We’ve seen this issue occur at a few implementations, and felt we should share if anybody else is experiencing it.   When using iManage 8.5 and performing a client-side filing of email, users may receive the cryptic message:   “Unable to retrieve email from Exchange or a conflict exists”

After some troubleshooting, we eliminated the former, and discovered the latter.  The conflict occurs when Summation 2.9 is installed on the workstation  (Not sure yet if the newly released Summation 3.1 is any better).   One workaround is to utilize server-side filing for email management.  However, if you do not have WorkSite Communicaton Server, then the following registry key can be set to resolve the conflict:




DWORD: CreateUnicodeMessageFile




NOTE: This registry key should only be applied in IDOL (8.5) environments. Applying this key in prior environments will prevent all emails filed on that workstation from getting indexed.