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Citrix Synergy 2019 Highlights

Jeff Silverman

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The Citrix Synergy 2019 conference in Atlanta was as big as ever, and as usual Kraft Kennedy sent a team of technical consultants to ensure we had the ground covered. Couldn’t make it? No worries. We’ve done our best to pare down a ton of content to the topics most relevant to law firms. You can watch our recap or simply read on…

In order to fully appreciate Citrix’ overall vision, and announcements made during this year’s keynote, you have to appreciate what Citrix has been up to for the past couple years. Specifically, Citrix has been executing a portfolio unification strategy whereby various products and services have been renamed and grouped into three categories – Workspace, Networking, and Analytics. They’ve also been steadily expanding their suite of cloud services, furthering the move many of us have begun, and we’re all eventually going to make, from on-premises to hybrid to cloud infrastructure and services.

Citrix Workspace

Citrix Workspace provides users with a unified experience comprised of various resources, features, and tools they need to be productive – virtual apps and desktops, SaaS apps, mobile apps, files and collaboration tools, etc. Related to this effort, former “Xen” branded products have been renamed, as have others. For example, XenApp and XenDesktop has become Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, XenMobile has become Citrix Endpoint Management, ShareFile has become Citrix Content Collaboration, etc. These technologies comprise the Citrix Workspace, which is accessed via the Citrix Workspace App. The App replaces the Receiver, XenMobile, ShareFile, and Gateway clients, and also includes an embedded secure browser.

Citrix Networking

Citrix Networking is a suite of technologies, most under the former “NetScaler” branding, related to application delivery, secure access, connectivity amongst data center and office locations, and to the public cloud. For example, NetScaler ADC has become Citrix ADC, NetScaler Gateway has become Citrix Gateway, NetScaler SD-WAN has become Citrix SD-WAN, etc.

This year, Citrix announced the following relative to Networking:

  • A new “BLX” platform for Citrix ADC, adding to the VPX (virtual), MPX (hardware), SDX (hardware + virtualization), and CPX (container) platforms. The BLX is allows for bare-metal installation.
  • Support for ADC high-availability in Google Cloud (as well as Google Cloud and VMware Cloud support in general, adding to existing support for Azure and AWS).

During the keynote and elsewhere during the conference, they also highlighted SD-WAN’s capabilities relative to Microsoft, including the following:

Citrix Analytics

Finally, over the past several years we’ve become less concerned about whether Citrix products work as intended, as they’ve become very good at this point (when properly implemented via a qualified vendor like Kraft Kennedy ????). These days, it’s become much more about how we can gather and effectively utilize telemetry from the various products we deploy. That’s where Citrix Analytics comes in. Citrix Analytics uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help visualize data and gain actionable insights into utilization, performance, and other metrics from approximately 100M Citrix touch points worldwide.

This year, Citrix touted its decades-long partnership with Microsoft, announcing that Azure is its preferred and strategic cloud for customers and itself. Analytics now incorporates information from Azure, resulting in a staggering expansion from 100M to 2B touch points worldwide!

Citrix also announced Analytics for Performance, adding User Experience metrics to the Analytics dashboard. In the example below, you can see how users with a Poor score can quickly be identified, with drill-down to determine that Logon Duration is causing the issue, and more specifically that GPOs are causing the delay.

Session Highlights (available on demand via Synergy TV)

KEY001: Opening Keynote

SYN139: Citrix and Microsoft: A value add across your workspace

SYN212: Windows Virtual Desktop and Citrix: New opportunities for desktop and app virtualization

SYN121: What’s new in Citrix Networking

SYN114: Simplify the transition to hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure with Citrix ADC

SYN112: What’s new in Virtual Apps and Desktops

SYN216: Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops tech update (May 2019 edition)

SYN201: Performance analytics for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

SYN136: Geek’s guide to the Workspace (Part 1): Workspace fundamentals

SYN131: Geek’s guide to the Workspace (Part 2): Beyond Pa$$w0rds for Workspace authentication

SYN132: Geek’s guide to the Workspace (Part 3): Protecting your SaaS

SYN133: Geek’s guide to the Workspace (Part 4): First you get the content, then you get the apps

SYN134: Geek’s guide to the Workspace (Part 5): Hands off my BYOD

SYN135: Geek’s guide to the Workspace (Part 6): Managing WinRaspAppRoid devices

SYN232: Geek’s guide to the Workspace (Part 7): More than one way to VDI

SYN233: Geek’s guide to the Workspace (Part 8): Intelligent communications

SYN234: Geek’s guide to the Workspace (Part 9): Designng the right Workspace connections

SYN235: Geek’s guide to the Workspace (Part 10): Analytics thinks that’s not normal

SYN208: Citrix App Layering: Top 10 lessons from the field 2.0

SYN191: Troubleshoot and optimize Citrix user experience with ControlUp’s new automation platform