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Citrix Plug-in 11.2 released! RIP Program Neighborhood

Kraft Kennedy

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Last month, I posted my findings on the beta releases of XenApp 4.5/5.0 HRP5 for Windows 2003 and the 11.2 Plug-in.  Today, Citrix released the final Citrix XenApp Online Plug-In 11.2 (formally called XenApp client).  See my previous post on more detail on the new features and changes this client; another notable change in this client is the removal of the Program Neighborhood. 

Program Neighborhood (PN.EXE) was primarlily leveraged to create connections directly to XenApp servers (as opposed to connecting through a Web Interface or the PNAgent).  With the removal of the Program Neighborhood, Citrix has made it very clear that they do not want support this functionality.  Fortunately, there IS a way to work around this issue if you decide to upgrade to 11.2 client and are still required to make a connection directly to a XenApp server.  The trick is to create an ICA file. Copy and paste the template below into notepad and substitute the approriate server name denoted below as “servername.domain.com”.  Save the file with a .ICA extension and voilà.  You can now connect directly to a XenApp server with the 11.2 client.

; The [ApplicationServers] section contains the name of the
; application server entry used to describe the connection.
; The name below (Access) appears in the title bar of the client window.
; The Application section describes the attributes of the Access entry.
; The name in the square brackets must match the name above (Access).
WinStationDriver=ICA 3.0
; Use either ScreenPercent or DesiredHRES and DesiredVRES to specify
; the size of the client window.
; If both ScreenPercent and DesiredHRES and DesiredVRES are specified,
; only ScreenPercent is used. ScreenPercent is not available with the
; WinFrame 1.6 Client, only the Web Client.
; The WFClient section describes the WinFrame Client.