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As Windows 7 Approaches End-of-Life, Security Problems Await

Kraft Kennedy

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December 31, 2019 may seem far away. But if you are still running Windows 7, it is quickly approaching and there is much to do before that date, which marks the official end-of-life for the operating system.

What Happens If I Do Nothing?

First, you will no longer receive security patches. If your firm is on Windows 7 on January 1, 2020, you will be at risk.

It works like this. Each time Microsoft discovers a bug or security hole, it will announce a new Windows 10 patch to the world, essentially giving hackers a key to hacking Windows 7, which will have the same vulnerability but no patch. Cybercriminals will undoubtedly target Windows 7 users as they have successfully targeted expired systems in the past. Failing to keep up with security patches is like driving without insurance.

There are other consequences of an out-of-date system that can disrupt your business. If your firm is running Windows 7, it is likely that your hardware is also due for an upgrade. New computers do not support Windows 7. Your hardware refresh project will get backed up by your software and you may find yourself in a stressful tangle as your computers become uncooperative and disruptive, leaving users disgruntled with the state of IT. Not to mention, you are missing out on a host of new security and productivity features in Windows 10.

What Should I Do to Get on Track?

Start planning now. Depending on the size of your firm, moving off Windows 7 may take from three to twelve months. Begin today to know how long the project will take, which backend servers will need to be upgraded, who on your staff will be helping, and how it will fit into your budget.

The last months of 2019 are sure to be busy and firms that wait until the last minute will find themselves stranded.

How Can Kraft Kennedy Help?

Our popular Windows 10 Design and Planning Workshop can help you answer these questions and optimize your desktop design for maximum return on your investment in technology. Find out how to get on track, which configurations will work best for your firm, and how you can get out of reactive, catch-up mode and approach IT strategically.

At the end of the three-day workshop, our Windows 10 experts will leave your IT team with key recommendations and design decisions, detailed documentation and diagrams, and non-default configurations that are the secret to optimal performance and productivity.

No matter where you are, Kraft Kennedy can help. Send us a message to learn more about mapping the move.


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