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3 Things to Look For In an Implementation Partner for a DMS Project

Tracy Kraft

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You may have selected a document management system (DMS) or narrowed your choice down to a couple of vendors—or maybe you haven’t begun culling the list of options at all yet. Wherever you are in the process, an implementation partner can help. The odds are likely that, in any case, you will eventually be choosing a company to serve as an implementation partner for a DMS project, as few IT teams keep full-time members with the necessary skills around.

Choosing a partner can be a daunting task, perhaps even more so than choosing the system itself. Sometimes, the software company will list certified or recommended partners on its website. Even so, it pays to choose with care.

Here are a few things you should look for:

1. Experience in your industry.

Depending on your field of work, you may have particular requirements for a DMS.

Kraft Kennedy knows, for instance, the matter-centric structures that attorneys rely on for managing data, as well as the strict security standard required by financial advisory firms.

This is what Steve Moulton, NetDocuments Partner Program Manager, had to say:

“Kraft Kennedy is a long-time staple in the legal technology community. They’ve been responsible for some of NetDocuments’s most technical implementation projects and it’s comforting, for both us and the client, to know they have extensive history of delivering great results.”

2. Experience with your DMS of choice.

Experience with your DMS of choice.

Kraft Kennedy’s engineers are highly certified in implementing and supporting DocAuto, iManage, NetDocuments, OpenText eDOCS, Prosperoware and Worldox document management systems.

We are, in fact, one of six NetDocuments Platinum partners worldwide. Mr. Moulton said:

“Kraft Kennedy met a very high standard to become a NetDocuments Platinum Partner. They’ve shown great commitment to thoroughly learning the product. They’ve excelled at all levels of NetDocuments’ advanced technical certifications; they even installed the platform for use as an internal DMS to test the cloud version for their clients.

3. Technical expertise.

This one seems obvious. Yet not all implementation partners are alike.

You will want to make sure that, in addition to know your chosen software, your partner has deep experience in integrating third-party add-ons to the systems. Our team is deeply versed in add-on options, as well as in custom scripting (such as automated filing), ethical walls and other security standards, and the migration and consolidation of large volumes of data.

Kraft Kennedy’s engineers also undergo rigorous holistic technical training as part of their roles, allowing them to have a deep understanding of enterprise infrastructure as a whole.

Brian Podolsky, Leader of the Enterprise Content Management Practice, frequently writes and speaks about leading issues at industry events. His latest research has concentrated on the burgeoning field of digital rights management (check out his recent articles on digital rights management and data loss prevention).

Are you looking for an implementation partner for a DMS project? Get in touch with us to see if we might be a good fit and download the product sheet to read more about our document management offerings.