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2 Days in Park City: A NetDocuments ndElevate Wrap-Up

Brian Podolsky

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I’d never been to Park City, Utah before. I knew it was a ski town, but I’m not much of a skier. In fact, I don’t think there’s one person in my immediate family who has ever put on a pair of skis. That generally doesn’t happen in 1950s Brooklyn, when my parents were growing up.  I knew Park City had a long history going back to the 1800s. As it turns out, it’s also a beautiful location for ndElevate 2017: NetDocuments’ annual Executive Summit.  The mountains there are pretty similar to the Bob Ross-esque image used above (as the official summit banner). In addition to the CIOs and other technical representatives from approximately 50 of NetDocuments’ top customers, this year’s ndElevate was the first to include several technology partners and integrators. It was a great experience to hear not only from direct customers, but also  the product managers and experts at NetDocuments, in addition to the vast landscape of third-party vendors and partners who add to the NetDocuments ecosystem. Fascinating conversations abounded throughout the summit.

Here are a few of the main highlights and takeaways that I gathered at ndElevate.

True to their Word

Later this year, NetDocuments plans to unveil several new updates to address some of the 18 promises that were made at last year’s Executive Summit. This year’s summit keynote, delivered by NetDocuments CTO Alvin Tedjamulia, was focused on the many promises that have already been met, and what’s coming this year and beyond to address the remaining items. It seems by 2018, all the promises from 2016 will have come to fruition. It shows that NetDocuments is strong and investing well into R&D.

ndSync and ndMirror

Mark Salamon and Travis Reed of NetDocuments described the general releases and future roadmaps of ndSync (user-based synchronization of documents between the Cloud and the local workstation) and ndMirror (Enterprise-wide synchronization of the entire cloud repository to a firm-owned server). The TL;DR for these is that both of these tools are going to add significant functionality and features, and allow more control over what happens to your content. More promises being kept. Stay tuned for further details.

Vendor Updates to the Cloud

The legal power-player vendors (Workshare, Litera and DocsCorp) all highlighted their latest integrations with NetDocuments. Each of these vendors showed their cloud-based comparison and platform services, and how they integrate directly into NetDocuments. These allow for a much more seamless level of integration; functionality is available for all users in all instances, whether on the full web interface or a mobile device such as an iPad. To that end, Workshare just announced their “Compare Everywhere” and “Protect Everywhere” solutions that can be embedded directly inside the NetDocuments experience.

All in all, it was a very informative couple of days in one of the most beautiful scenic areas in the country.

For more details on these highlights, please register to attend the “What You Missed in Utah” ILTA webinar I’ll be leading with Mike Sanders of NetDocuments on Friday, June 9th.