26 Nov

Urgent ActiveX Component Update for NetDocuments Customers

An urgent ActiveX update needs to be installed by December 5.

08 Apr

NetDocuments to Discontinue Support of Internet Explorer

Say goodbye to Internet Explorer and ActiveX! ActiveX control has been used for years to connect desktops to NetDocuments’ web technologies in Internet Explorer. In March of 2019, NetDocuments released ndClick, the successor to ActiveX. The release of ndClick meant the eventual end of ActiveX updates. On March 31, 2020, NetDocuments will no longer be Read more…

12 Oct

Know Your Flash

Recently there has been a lot of confusion regarding Adobe Flash. With more of the internet going to HTML5, is it still a required app on all systems? Is it installed in Windows already or is there an add-in for browsers? How do I patch it? To help answer some of these questions, below I breakdown Read more…

02 Jul

What’s New With Internet Explorer Policy Management

The old tried and true methods of Internet Explorer policy management have changed and no longer apply. If you are one of the individuals banging your head against the wall, wondering why settings via Group Policy Object (GPO) using IE Maintenance (IEM) are not applying or are missing altogether, well, you’re not alone. Things have Read more…

01 May

Microsoft Releases Patch for Internet Explorer Vulnerability

This afternoon Microsoft released a fix for the severe Internet Explorer vulnerability that prompted a warning from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on Monday. Unexpectedly, a patch was also released for Windows XP, though Microsoft continues to encourage its customers to move off of the operating system in the announcement. The patch is effective Read more…

29 Apr

ALERT: Do not use Internet Explorer Until Further Notice from Microsoft

Internet Explorer has a serious security gap that allows hackers to install malicious software, remotely and undetected by the user. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security advises against using the browser until Microsoft releases a patch for the vulnerability. Law firms and financial companies should especially take caution. Vitor De Souza of FireEye, the cybersecurity firm that discovered Read more…