Broad experience, tailored to meet all your technology needs.

Our Support Practice Group (SPG) provides ongoing help desk support, monitoring, and technology planning to organizations. Whether you are managed services iconlooking to supplement an existing internal IT group or you have no in-house technology staff, we use our experience with hundreds of clients to tailor our support services to meet your specific needs.

Kraft Kennedy’s SPG handles the day-to-day tasks required to keep your systems up and running. Our monitoring tools provide early warning of network and workstation problems, proactive software patching keeps systems secure and up-to-date, and routine network maintenance ensures consistent performance.

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All contracts include:

Managed Services for Servers, Workstations, and Infrastructure 

Stop problems before they cause downtime. Kraft Kennedy constantly monitors clients’ systems and alerts them immediately of any issues. We provide remote support as appropriate.

Client Portal Access       

Receive access to a web-based application to create new service tickets, monitor the status of requests and incidents, and access historical service information.


Leave patching up to us. We acquire, test, and install patches for our clients. Kraft Kennedy maintains current knowledge of available patches and judges which are appropriate for particular systems, ensuring that all patches are installed properly. We test systems after installation and document all associated procedures.

Network Performance Managed Services 

Be assured with a 360-degree view of all applications running on your network. We spot jitter, latency, and Quality of Service issues and determine whether issues are network, application, or carrier related.

End-to-End E-mail Monitoring

Make sure that your most important enterprise application, email, runs smoothly with constant testing by Kraft Kennedy of both internal and external mail.

Firewall Protection Managed Services

Receive an enterprise grade firewall, which we maintain and update.

Procurement Services

Have access to Kraft Kennedy’s Procurement team, technical experts with well-established vendor relations, to get the most out of hardware and software purchases.

Malware Protection Services

Block known malicious or infected sites from resolving on your network.

Service Reports

Receive monthly, executive summary report recapping the overall health of the network, server patch levels and free disk space, uptime, etc.

Quarterly business meetings and yearly strategic planning meeting     

Participate in two-hour discussions to review the status of support and Kraft Kennedy performance and a yearly in-person four hour meeting to develop recommendations and provide technology planning assistance regarding all aspects of technology.