Crisis Averted

Read about some of the ways our Support Practice Group has helped its clients avert disasters and stay productive.

A 500-user Litigation and Arbitration firm with eight international offices decided to take advantage of a building mandated power shutdown at their New York City office this past weekend…

Office Relocation

Balancing conflicting business concerns, Kraft Kennedy plays a crucial advisory role during a small company’s office relocation.

A thirty-person, New York-based organization with a limited budget was preparing to move offices. Looking at its plan, Kraft Kennedy found that it was facing an extremely high level of risk by doing so in its current state.

Productivity Restored

Experiencing damaged connections caused by a construction mishap, a West Coast law firm contacted Kraft Kennedy to provide a quick solution.

A West Coast law firm’s IT infrastructure experienced several tumultuous days recently. Fortunately, this escaped the notice of its 140 users, who kept working without disruption as the IT team and Kraft Kennedy’s Support Practice Group, which the firm had recently contracted, worked to restore damaged connections.