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On Your Radar: The Challenge of Provisioning and Governing Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams has quickly become a foundational technology for collaboration and productivity for many firms in this new world. However, the tremendous increase in adoption has not been without its challenges.
Specifically, organizations need to manage Teams in a secure and governed way, without interrupting their workflow.

To address these challenges, you are invited to join the conversation as Kraft Kennedy and Prosperoware discuss how as an enterprise software solution, Prosperoware CAM, empowers firms to:

  • Automatically provision matter-centric Teams & Channels
  • Identify Teams with Matters
  • Successfully collaborate around clients, matters, & documents across the organization
  • Integrate Teams with iManage, NetDocuments and other content systems
  • Obtain a comprehensive governance layer with ethical walls, permissions, and need-to-know security
  • Efficiently move content from Teams to iManage DMS