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Companies today spend millions of dollars trying to manage the user experience across a wide range of enterprise devices. Installing, design integration iconupdating, securing, patching, and managing operating systems and applications on each device becomes a burden, and time and money are wasted recovering user data, diagnosing and repairing hardware problems, and managing access policies on these systems. With centralized image and device management, a streamlined user experience, and the potential to run personalized virtual desktops, the complexity and cost of desktop management can be dramatically reduced even as connectivity options are increased.

Our consultants have the organizational and technical expertise to help you plan and execute your remote access and virtual desktop environment projects successfully. Kraft Kennedy has deployed Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 for over 175,000 users.

We can ensure that the results exceed your expectations and business requirements established by management. We work with you to develop an environment that improves user productivity and incorporates systems that align with today’s requirements while providing the scalability to meet the organization’s needs in the future.



CMInsights is a web application designed to give firms unparalleled insight into their Windows 10 and Microsoft Endpoint CMInsights Configuration Manager (formerly SCCM) environment. Custom built to address frustrations and challenges stemming from native reporting capabilities, CMInsights highlights valuable data critical to effectively managing the Windows 10 environment. In addition to real-time querying, CMInsights also caches certain data for historical reporting and benchmarking resulting in comprehensive dashboards and visualizations that replace, and surpass, those offered by the native reporting mechanisms.

Current reports include MECM/SCCM infrastructure information, Windows 10 and Office patch compliance, BitLocker encryption status, software deployment compliance percentages, among many more.


AppBakery is a web application designed to connect clients with Kraft Kennedy’s team of experienced packagers in order to AppBakery provide fast and reliable application packages. With access to over 1,000 application packages, that can be packaged for any software distribution tool including MECM/SCCM or Intune, companies of all sizes can use the AppBakery to ensure their applications are updated quickly and reliably, fostering a greater level of end-user security and functionality.

Additional features available in the AppBakery include Application Portfolio Management and Vendor Feature Analysis. These features are designed to provide IT staffs and desktop engineers a single pane of glass when managing the applications in their environment.

Learn more about AppBakery / Access the AppBakery portal:


Windows 10 Design and Planning Workshop:

Kraft Kennedy leads workshops for many clients on a variety of topics, and they have proven to be an effective way to develop ideas, update knowledge, strategize, and reach consensus.  With regard to Windows 10, Kraft Kennedy will conduct a Desktop Design and Planning Workshop that reviews your current environment, identifies existing pain points, business needs, and desired outcomes, and discusses available technologies and opportunities for automation. The goal of the Desktop Design & Planning Workshop is to determine the scope and framework for the new Windows 10 environment.

Kraft Kennedy provides a draft agenda, and with advance discussion, tailors the topic list after considering the current and future-state environments, currently used tools and the client’s specific goals for the project. The project deliverable includes final form notes of all discussions and design decisions made during the workshop sessions.

Workshops consist of sessions with the appropriate stakeholders on security, OS deployment, user persona management, application deployment, user experience design, supporting infrastructure, Office configuration, and remote access.

Windows 10 Quick Start:

Kraft Kennedy has provided desktop Proof of Concept Quick Starts for law firm clients for many years.  For a Windows 10 Quick Start, Kraft Kennedy will work with the client to develop a fully deployable Windows 10 workstation image and update the necessary management tools.  In addition to planning discussion and education on the latest technology advances, Quick Starts primarily consist of automating the deployment of Windows 10 and core applications in a task sequence that builds a working virtual machine or one type of physical hardware. The resulting PCs can then be deployed in a nearly zero-touch fashion and managed via a solid set of computer policies. 

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