29 Nov

SECURITY AWARENESS: Top 10 Security Threats for Users During the Holidays

We’d like to share some helpful safety tips from our Security Awareness partner, Knowbe4 Phishing scams are skyrocketing, especially driven by deals and rebate offers. Don’t open any attachments or click on links appearing to be from trusted vendors you shop with. Go directly to the website of the vendor looking for the sales and Read more…

14 Nov

How to Prevent SSD Hardware Encryption in Your Task Sequence

By now a lot of us have heard of the SSD hardware encryption issue that’s been reported on the blogosphere and confirmed by Microsoft. If your physical hard drive supports hardware encryption, Microsoft will use it by default–and therein lies the problem. The hardware encryption method is potentially less secure than software encryption via BitLocker. Read more…

14 Nov

Security Alert: BleedingBit Affects Cisco, Meraki, Aruba Access Points

A newly discovered vulnerability called BleedingBit makes it possible for hackers to infiltrate enterprise networks undetected. The exploit, which was discovered by the security firm Armis, affects BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) chips made by Texas Instruments (TI). These TI chips are found in equipment made by Cisco, Meraki, and Aruba, companies that make up the Read more…

07 Nov

How Should I Throw Out My Laptop? A Guide to Securely Discarding Computers, Smartphones, and Other Electronics

I have a friend who once wanted to dispose of a laptop that contained sensitive documents. He soaked it in a bathtub overnight and, to be extra safe, took the train uptown and threw it out in what seemed like an obscure dumpster. Not long after his trip, he received an email from a student Read more…

07 Nov

Ensuring Your Sensitive Emails Don’t Go to the Wrong Place

That unpleasant rush of adrenaline you get when you realize you’ve sent an email to the wrong address–we’ve all felt it. Sometimes these mistakes can be worse than embarrassing. They can be dangerous. This article by Workshare and Kraft Kennedy first appeared in the New York State Bar Association Journal, September 2018, published by the Read more…

24 Sep

Introducing the Security Customer Immersion Experience

Increasingly, organizations are looking to the cloud to increase productivity, adopt compelling new features, and more. Simultaneously, these organizations are concerned about how to protect their users and data from being compromised in a cloud-first, mobile-first world. We’ve heard you, and we’re excited to announce that we are now certified to facilitate the Security Customer Read more…

01 Aug

Windows Server 2008 End of Support: What It Means and How to Deal With It

Windows Server 2008 will reach end of support in early 2020 Windows 7 is not the only Microsoft product hurtling towards its end. Extended support for Server 2008 will expire on the same date, January 14, 2020, which may pose an even bigger security risk than end of support for the desktop OS, especially to Read more…

12 Jun

As Windows 7 Approaches End-of-Life, Security Problems Await

December 31, 2019 may seem far away. But if you are still running Windows 7, it is quickly approaching and there is much to do before that date, which marks the official end-of-life for the operating system. What Happens If I Do Nothing? First, you will no longer receive security patches. If your firm is on Read more…

27 Mar

Implementing Azure Multi-Factor Authentication

How to Get Azure Multi-Factor Authentication Azure Active Directory is included in Office 365 Azure Active Directory Premium plans and in Enterprise Mobility and Security plans. If your firm has neither of these, you can purchase MFA licenses. For more information on obtaining Azure MFA, check out this article. Below is a guide to implementing Read more…

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