06 Apr

Evolving Cyber Security Threats from the Global Pandemic: Insights from our CTO

The International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) posed this question in their Public Forum April 1, 2020. QUESTION #8:What new and/or evolving cyber security threats do we see arising from the current global pandemic? We are sharing the response below from Kraft Kennedy CTO, Chris Owens. I feel the easiest way to sum up “new and/or Read more…

03 Apr

Precautions When Using Zoom

dangers of zoom

With the sudden increase in the use of Zoom, we are also seeing a significant rise in cyber security incidents associated with the platform. One alarming trend has been termed “Zoom Bombing”, and involves unwanted people joining and interfering in private meetings. Hackers that enter a meeting may do more than disrupt the meeting. As a Read more…

16 Mar

WARNING… The Dangers of Using a VPN on a Home Computer

dangers of VPN from home computer

As firms gear up for an increase of users working from home, it is important to ensure that security protocols are in place. While remote access technologies, including virtual private network (VPN) capability, allow remote connection to firm resources, it is essential to understand that some remote access methods are laden with potential security risks. Read more…

22 Jan

New York’s Updated SHIELD Act: Data Security Laws Grow Bolder

Perhaps most interesting, the law allows fines simply because an entity does not have reasonable data safeguards in place, even if no breach has actually occurred.

29 Oct

How to Respond to Security Audits: For Small and Mid-Sized Firms

Security Audits Trouble Small Law Firms As cybersecurity audits from corporate clients become commonplace, smaller firms are feeling the brunt. “Now they want screenshots.” “Longtime clients are asking for them.” “There’s just no way.” These were some of the things we heard recently in conversations at a conference for leaders of small law firms. Security Read more…

25 Sep

Microsoft Azure and Office 365 Are Now FINRA and SEC Compliant

FINRA, the SEC, and Office 365 You may already know all about FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, as it is the largest independent regulator of security firms in America, responsible for governing business between brokers, dealers, and the investing public. But most people know FINRA as a behemoth that has enforced penalties levied to Read more…

31 Jul

Who’s in Your Wallet? Here’s What to Do About the Capital One Hack

Capital One announced a massive data breach yesterday. Approximately 100 million people in the United States and six million more in Canada are affected. About 140,000 Social Security numbers, one million Canadian Social Insurance numbers, and 80,000 bank account numbers are compromised. Here’s what to do about the Capital One hack. If you’re a Capital Read more…

31 Jul

What is Azure Information Protection (AIP)?

Though iterations of the solution have existed for a few years now, I predict that Azure Information Protection is about to catch on as the leading information rights management solution. I will be demoing AIP with my colleague Jeff Silverman at ILTACON 2019. Click here to sign up for “AIP Protecting VIP Data: Now with Read more…

26 Jun

Critical iManage Patch Released for Security Vulnerability

iManage released a critical update today with a fix for an iManage Work Server security vulnerability. We are recommending that firms apply the patch installer on all iManage on-premises environments with Work Servers running 9.5 R2 through 10.1.3. Environments currently running 10.2.0 will need to upgrade to a new build ( This new build will Read more…

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