07 Feb

Protect Your Firm from Cyberattacks: A Low-Tech Solution to a High-Tech Problem

This is a guest post from Doug Striker, CEO of Savvy Training. Savvy Training is Kraft Kennedy’s trusted partner in legal technology. We help firms find and implement the right solutions, and we rely on Savvy to help our clients reap maximum benefits with smart training. Among other things, Savvy conducts incredibly effective security awareness training Read more…

06 Feb

A Fix for the Microsoft Exchange Zero-Day Vulnerability PrivExchange

What is PrivExchange? Last week Microsoft acknowledged a vulnerability, now being referred to as PrivExchange, that impacts all supported versions of Exchange (2010 through 2019).  (Technically, the issue exists due to NTLM and not to Exchange itself. But, given how Exchange leverages NTLM, this is a big deal. ) To summarize, this vulnerability involves a man-in-the-middle Read more…

30 Jan

What Does Azure Information Protection Do? (Part 1 of 3)

We’ve started using Azure Information Protection (AIP) here and I thought it would be worthwhile to share our experiences with you.  This will be a multi-part series exploring what AIP is, how it works, and how Kraft Kennedy is deploying it. If you’re interested in trying AIP at your firm, or have any questions about Read more…

22 Jan

What’s Your Score? Microsoft is Giving Out a Detailed Cybersecurity Assessment

The number-one question we’ve received from inquiring law firms over the past two years has been, ‘How can I tell if my firm is safe?’ Our best suggestion? Test yourself! Take this cybersecurity assessment. You may have checked off your security to-do’s, patched and updated, and escaped harm in 2018, but that doesn’t mean you’re Read more…

20 Dec

From Retinal Scans to Chips: Behind-the-Scenes Security is Taking Hold

When cybersecurity first emerged as a pressing issue almost a decade ago, law firms began to implement safeguards to protect their clients’ data. Many of these early efforts led to headaches and complaints. There were more steps needed to log on, longer passwords to remember, and less freedom to install applications. But security has evolved, Read more…

29 Nov

SECURITY AWARENESS: Top 10 Security Threats for Users During the Holidays

We’d like to share some helpful safety tips from our Security Awareness partner, Knowbe4 1. Phishing scams are skyrocketing, especially driven by deals and rebate offers. Don’t open any attachments or click on links appearing to be from trusted vendors you shop with. Go directly to the website of the vendor looking for the sales Read more…

14 Nov

How to Prevent SSD Hardware Encryption in Your Task Sequence

By now a lot of us have heard of the SSD hardware encryption issue that’s been reported on the blogosphere and confirmed by Microsoft. If your physical hard drive supports hardware encryption, Microsoft will use it by default–and therein lies the problem. The hardware encryption method is potentially less secure than software encryption via BitLocker. Read more…

14 Nov

Security Alert: BleedingBit Affects Cisco, Meraki, Aruba Access Points

A newly discovered vulnerability called BleedingBit makes it possible for hackers to infiltrate enterprise networks undetected. The exploit, which was discovered by the security firm Armis, affects BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) chips made by Texas Instruments (TI). These TI chips are found in equipment made by Cisco, Meraki, and Aruba, companies that make up the Read more…

07 Nov

How Should I Throw Out My Laptop? A Guide to Securely Discarding Computers, Smartphones, and Other Electronics

I have a friend who once wanted to dispose of a laptop that contained sensitive documents. He soaked it in a bathtub overnight and, to be extra safe, took the train uptown and threw it out in what seemed like an obscure dumpster. Not long after his trip, he received an email from a student Read more…

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