07 Sep

Announcing…Another Microsoft Gold Competency!

We are excited to announce that we have achieved a Gold Microsoft Cloud Productivity competency! Kraft Kennedy is proud to serve as a trusted adviser for the implementation, support, and remediation of all Microsoft Office 365 platforms, including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Skype for Business. As more of our clients have started to adopt the Read more…

03 Jul

Why Keep Networking Firmware Up to Date?

Troubleshooting intermittent internet outages I recently ran into an issue at a client that underscored the importance of keeping networking firmware current. We had replaced a single, aging Cisco ASA Firewall with redundant Internet connections and a High Availability pair of new Cisco ASA Firewalls. In order to split the incoming Internet connections to the Read more…

01 May

How Law Firms Can Prepare for Hurricanes and Other Extreme Weather

Authored by Chris Owens of Kraft Kennedy and reprinted with permission from: New York State Bar Association Journal, March/April 2018, published by the New York State Bar Association, One Elk Street, Albany, NY 12207. Following an unprecedented host of destructive hurricanes this year, many law firms are asking how they can prepare for the next Read more…

25 Apr

Backing Up The Cloud with The Cloud

Many firms put a lot of focus and effort into protecting and backing up their on-premise data. They know exactly what data is backed up, how often it gets backed up, and how long the backups are retained. With Cloud based backup solutions, offsite backups over the Internet have become much easier. Tape backup has largely become Read more…

29 Mar

Windows 10 KB Bug – Notification to Update to The Latest Version

Note: The issue and resolution are still being reviewed. Here is what we know so far: We have been informed by multiple clients that they are seeing the following message stating, “Your device needs the latest security updates”. This prompt is being generated on Windows 10 machines with builds prior to v1709 after 2 specific Read more…

22 Feb

Do You See What I See? A Preview of Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer for Windows 10 Telemetry

Over the last few releases of Windows 10 there have been questions and, to some extent, concerns about the telemetry that Windows 10 gathers and relays back to Microsoft. Last year Microsoft released more details about the data collected from the early versions of Windows 10. With the release of Creators Update, Microsoft provided more Read more…

01 Nov

IT As A Service: Supporting Non-Profit Work with Technology

Leaders of non-profit organizations are often surprised to learn that modern, well-designed IT systems can be obtained within their budgets. Good technology can also inspire confidence in trustees and donors alike, and ultimately help push the mission of the organization forward. Kraft Kennedy has come to this conclusion from guiding many legal services, healthcare, granting, Read more…

12 Oct

Introducing KKU

What’s next in virtualization? Which companies hold the blueprints for innovative document management? Exchange on-premises or online? Attendees of Kraft Kennedy University will learn the answers to these pressing questions and more on October 26 at the Microsoft Technology Center in Times Square. Request a spot for the chance to gain invaluable insight into protecting Read more…

27 Sep

Deleting an Empty Datastore That’s in Use in VMware vCenter

We are migrating a client from EMC VNX to a new EMC Unity SAN and part of the process requires us to clean up the legacy datastores. This isn’t a small environment, however, and the datastores span across approximately 30+ hosts. Trying to find which host is actively connecting to this datastore is nearly impossible. Read more…

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