01 Nov

IT As A Service: Supporting Non-Profit Work with Technology

Leaders of non-profit organizations are often surprised to learn that modern, well-designed IT systems can be obtained within their budgets. Good technology can also inspire confidence in trustees and donors alike, and ultimately help push the mission of the organization forward. Kraft Kennedy has come to this conclusion from guiding many legal services, healthcare, granting, Read more…

12 Oct

Introducing KKU

What’s next in virtualization? Which companies hold the blueprints for innovative document management? Exchange on-premises or online? Attendees of Kraft Kennedy University will learn the answers to these pressing questions and more on October 26 at the Microsoft Technology Center in Times Square. Request a spot for the chance to gain invaluable insight into protecting Read more…

27 Sep

Deleting an Empty Datastore That’s in Use in VMware vCenter

We are migrating a client from EMC VNX to a new EMC Unity SAN and part of the process requires us to clean up the legacy datastores. This isn’t a small environment, however, and the datastores span across approximately 30+ hosts. Trying to find which host is actively connecting to this datastore is nearly impossible. Read more…

14 Sep

Outlook 2013/2016 Graphical Glitches

Kraft Kennedy, and many of our clients, have seen a strange problem for the last 12 months. In certain circumstances, parts of the Outlook client goes black, or other graphical glitches display.  Once the problem occurs, the user can temporarily resolve it by restarting Outlook and the issue goes away, for a varying amount of Read more…

06 Sep

Business Continuity in Severe Weather

Whether it’s a natural disaster like Hurricane Harvey or interruptions to transportation, events that keep you from the office are bound to happen. It’s important for IT to make the proper preparations to keep everyone safe and productive while working from home. Business continuity and disaster recovery technology (BC/DR) has made it possible for firms to continue Read more…

07 Aug

The Insider’s Guide to ILTACON: Part 3 of 3

Welcome to Part 3 of the Insider’s Guide to ILTACON 2017! On Friday, I highlighted the sessions we’re most looking forward to catching at the conference. Today I’ve organized the sessions by topic of interest, so you can focus your time at ILTACON. Below I’ve also listed some vendors to check out at the conference.   Focus Read more…

04 Aug

The Insider’s Guide to ILTACON: Part 2 of 3

This is Part 2 of our Insider’s Guide to ILTACON 2017. In Part 1, I provided some general navigation tips and highlighted events to look out for.  Below I’ll list some of the educational sessions that, as Kraft Kennedy’s CTO, I’m most looking forward to.  Links to Help You Schedule Check out these links to Read more…

03 Aug

The Insider’s Guide to ILTACON: Part 1 of 3

Cutting edge sessions, slick demos, and the best parties and games We consider ILTACON to be the most important educational conference of the year. Undeniably, it’s also lot of fun. But with over 150 vendors, several days jam-packed full of sessions and events, and several floors to navigate, it can get overwhelming. As seasoned ILTACON Read more…

19 Jul

Preparing for a Migration to NetDocuments

This article originally appeared on Legal IT Professional’s website. A successful migration of your document management system (DMS) does not just avoid technical issues, but also improves the daily lives of the people who use it. NetDocuments offers a lot of features that make it an attractive option for a law firm, but it comes with Read more…

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