Evaluate your environment for risks, develop policies, and implement security programs to keep your business secure. 


 Assessments, Audits, and Testing

Security Risk Analysis | Security Audits | Vulnerability Assessments and Management | Penetration Testing | Social Engineering Testing

Our certified consultants will work with you to analyze your environment, understand your security posture, and provide the insight needed to make intelligent decisions about improving information security. 

Security Policy and Program Design

Policy Development | Security Programs | Security Architecture Design and Integration | Security Training

Effective security requires that policy, programs, and underlying technology infrastructure are all in sync, current, and coordinated. 


You are a trusted adviser to your clients. But can they trust the security you have in place around their valuable information?

The financial and reputational risks of data breaches and the compliance requirements of regulatory agencies make it imperative that you are in charge of the security, policies, and controls of your IT environment. In light of the increasing cyber-attacks on law firms and the tightening of requirements such as HIPAA for data governance, it is crucial that your IT environment is securely managed with the appropriate technology and processes.


See our Forensic Technology Services. 

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Information Security and Governance

Digital Forensics and eDiscovery