10 Sep

Q & A With Kraft Kennedy CTO Marcus Bluestein

Cyber security seems to be the topic du jour in technology, the way the “Cloud” was several years ago. But what exactly does the term refer to, and why should we be concerned with it? As Kraft Kennedy was preparing to launch its new Information Security and Governance practice group, Kraft Kennedy CTO Marcus Bluestein shared his thoughts on this important […]

02 Sep

Kraft Kennedy’s New Open Floor Plan Is a Viable Option for Some Law Firms

At the start of the year, Kraft Kennedy moved to a new office space and adopted an open floor plan and flexible seating arrangements. This is a model that more law firms will find viable as they look to lower overhead costs and promote collaboration among mobile attorneys across global offices. Since the recession of […]

22 Aug

What Does Microsoft’s Matter Center for Office 365 Really Mean for Legal?

At the 2014 International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) conference, Microsoft made what could be a major splash for the legal vertical.  Adding to their push for Office 365, Microsoft announced Matter Center. Although it is being marketed as “for Office 365,” Microsoft says it could also work in either hybrid or on-premises SharePoint environments.  That said, the […]

11 Aug

Which Meetings Are Worth Having?

A common misconception about project managers is that they just schedule meetings and produce lots of paperwork—meeting minutes, status reports, change requests, etc.  What good project managers really do is facilitate communication of the correct information to the correct people.  Good project managers work with their teams to determine the right meetings to schedule and the […]

21 Jul

Learn How to Develop and Implement an Information Security Program

Kraft Kennedy will discuss and review the essential steps that law firms need to take when planning and deploying an information security program. You’ll learn the key areas to focus on, such as training, best practices and response plans while addressing compliance (HIPPA/HITECH) and regulatory concerns (the SEC OCIE Cyber Security Initiative). Register today to […]

17 Jul

It Is Time for Your Law Firm to Implement Legal Project Management into Its Business Practice

Legal project management is not a new phenomenon – so why haven’t more firms considered using proven project management principles in managing their processes?Since the beginning of 2014, my colleagues and I have partnered with the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) through a series of roadshows to lead discussions on how law firms can improve these processes and manage […]

15 Jul

Testing SCCM Commands

Historically, whenever I’ve needed to test a new command added to an SCCM Task Sequence (TS), I would deploy the whole TS. Sure, I could disable most of it to speed up the test , but this would still took a long time. Especially if I had to test, tweak something, and then test again. Along came […]

08 Jul

Application Packaging: The Golden Rule

Kraft Kennedy has developed a deep knowledge of application packaging over the course of numerous desktop projects, ranging all the way back from Windows 2000 to the current Windows 8.1. Unfortunately, “difficult” application installers are still commonplace in the legal market and application packaging is still as challenging as ever. In this blog I share some of the […]

02 Jul

What’s New With Internet Explorer Policy Management

The old tried and true methods of configuring Internet Explorer have changed and no longer apply. If you are one of the individuals banging your head against the wall, wondering why settings via Group Policy Object (GPO) using IE Maintenance (IEM) are not applying or are missing altogether, well, you’re not alone. Things have changed […]

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