23 Oct

Influx of Project Management Interest at ILTA 2014 Conference: Is it Time for Your Firm to Take Notice?

LPM Legal Project Management

This year at the #ILTA14 conference in Nashville, there was an explosion of project management (PM) and legal project management (LPM) interest within the membership. To give a little background, approximately two weeks before the conference, a post was circulated on the ILTA Community “of Interest” board asking if there were going to be any PM Read more…

22 Oct

What’s the Meaning of This? Changes in the Office 2013 Dictionary


Recently I ran into an interesting discovery regarding the features in Office 2013 Dictionary. Note that the Dictionary feature includes the following actions in Office: Define and Synonyms. Starting with Office 2013, an independent Office Store account and an internet connection are required to leverage these functions. Microsoft is treating this feature as a web application, since you Read more…

20 Oct

Avoiding DIY Disasters

This past weekend, I was sitting in my backyard and looking at the leaves start to turn to their autumn hues, and I heard a noise from a few houses down.  One of our neighbors behind us is having a large expansion done to their home.  The workers there were starting to put windows into the new Read more…

13 Oct

Smartphone Data Security: Keep Data Confidential During and After Device Use

Smartphones and tablets have become critical tools for delivering efficient and effective client service. Mobile devices enable attorneys to manage their cases and review information wherever they are, whenever they need to. The power and sophistication of mobile technology allows attorneys to work from anywhere as if they were sitting at their desks. However, this Read more…

06 Oct

BadUSB – A New Threat to USB Devices


This summer at the BlackHat 2014 security conference, researchers demonstrated an exploit that can be used against USB devices called “BadUSB.” When this was first presented, the individuals who developed and demonstrated the exploit did not release the underlying code. However, at the Derbycon 2014 security conference this past week, two other researchers reverse engineered the Read more…

03 Oct

Shocking News: What You Need to Know About Shellshock

You may have already heard about the “Shellshock” vulnerability (CVE 2014-6271 and CVE-2014-7169) that has been in the news lately. If you haven’t, Shellshock is a security vulnerability that was recently discovered that allows attackers to control remote systems that are using Bash 4.3 or lower on Unix, Linux, and Mac OS X. This vulnerability primarily impacts Unix Read more…

10 Sep

Q & A With Kraft Kennedy CTO Marcus Bluestein

Cyber security seems to be the topic du jour in technology, the way the “Cloud” was several years ago. But what exactly does the term refer to, and why should we be concerned with it? As Kraft Kennedy was preparing to launch its new Information Security and Governance practice group, Kraft Kennedy CTO Marcus Bluestein shared his thoughts on this important Read more…

02 Sep

Kraft Kennedy’s New Open Floor Plan Is a Viable Option for Some Law Firms

At the start of the year, Kraft Kennedy moved to a new office space and adopted an open floor plan and flexible seating arrangements. This is a model that more law firms will find viable as they look to lower overhead costs and promote collaboration among mobile attorneys across global offices. Since the recession of Read more…

22 Aug

What Does Microsoft’s Matter Center for Office 365 Really Mean for Legal?

At the 2014 International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) conference, Microsoft made what could be a major splash for the legal vertical.  Adding to their push for Office 365, Microsoft announced Matter Center. Although it is being marketed as “for Office 365,” Microsoft says it could also work in either hybrid or on-premises SharePoint environments.  That said, the Read more…

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